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SoftWave TRT Therapy provides a natural, effective approach to pain relief and joint regeneration for people across the country, breaking the cycle of over the counter, opioid medications, cortisone injections and surgeries! Now accessible right here in Jacksonville, FL!

FDA-Cleared Treatment

Discover SoftWave Therapy, a Revolutionary, FDA-cleared treatment for spine and joint pain. Dr. Alan Nathans is a leader in Jacksonville, FL, effectively addressing Sciatica, knee, shoulder, hip, and foot/hand pain, this non-invasive approach utilizes your body's natural stem cells for regeneration and long-lasting mobility enhancement, promoting overall joint health.

Available Here in Jacksonville, FL!

For residents of Jacksonville looking for cutting-edge relief from pain with no-needle SoftWave tissue regeneration, SoftWave Therapy stands out as a game-changing choice. Now offered in Jacksonville, this non-invasive treatment presents an advanced way to address all kinds of degenerative arithritic conditions like osteoarthritis, inflammation and partial thickness tears in ligaments and tendons among other health conditions.

Surgery Alternative

Plantar fasciitis, known for its severe heel pain especially upon waking, is caused by inflammation of the tissue extending from the heel to the toes. SoftWave therapy provides a non-surgical method to ease this pain, effectively targeting the issue often exacerbated by extended periods of standing, weight increase, or unsuitable footwear. Dr. Alan Nathans in Jacksonville, Fl is a pioneer in the community and is committed to helping people to avoid addictive pain medication, cortisone injections and surgery. 

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Discover more about this groundbreaking, FDA cleared no-needle, non-surgical treatment method to grow new blood vessels and connective tissue. NO-SURGERY JOINT REPAIR

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